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Aspiring Eden Studio

Have you been looking for a natural light studio in downtown Indianapolis?

 Look no further! We have a great space for all styles. 

37 West St Clair Street

Indianapolis, IN 46204



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Save your spot and prepare to create something beautiful!!!



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Want to see our space and how others have used it so far?

Fun Facts

-cement floors in one room, wood vinyl in the other

-white walls in one room, neutral walls in the other

-minimal furniture in room one, cozy warm furniture in room two

-wall to wall windows in both rooms

-we have paper roll backdrops in a variety of colors

-this is a natural light studio but we provide a few lighting options as well

-We have a LOT of chairs in many styles for all your posing needs

-We are located downtown near many fun places such as the Main Library, Robert's Camera Store, the War Memorial Museum and a ton of good eats for after your session!

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