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The Studio Spaces

Aspiring Eden Studios designed TWO stunning spaces in downtown Indianapolis for your creative photoshoots and events

Meraki Space

 The Meraki Space (Space 1) is located on the street-side of the building with giant North facing windows. This space receives consistent/diffused light throughout the day. Our walls are painted a clean white that makes a great backdrop for all photos. The flooring throughout the space is a light colored wood vinyl.


In the first room of this space you will find two trendy couches, a round table and a variety of stools. One wall in this room houses 3 colors of 8ft paper rolls in black, white and studio gray.


The second room in this space is cozy with linen curtains, a stunning antique bed, beautiful full length mirror and fireplace surround.


Finally, the last room of this space is our Reset room. This is full of props/clothes/water and is a private space for changing outfits with a clothing rack provided. (The space does not include bathrooms).

The Gathering Space

Indianapolis rentable photography studio

Indianapolis photography studio for rent

The Gathering Space (Space 2) is a 900 sq.ft. open space with two bathrooms included. This space has south facing windows built into our original, rustic brick wall. All other walls in this space are painted white. Depending on time of day, you can get beautiful direct light coming into certain areas of the room.


This space was intentionally curated with unique and on-trend furniture items that make great props for photos and a great setup for events. We do our best to keep the overall aesthetic neutral and adaptable to your own stylistic preferences.


This space has numerous seating options, a large modular couch, ornate fireplace surround and live plants. There is also a mobile paper backdrop included in this space that can be set up whenever desired. For this space you are expected to bring your own paper rolls (Roberts camera store sells them right down the street).

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