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At Aspiring Eden Studios we desire to capture your story in a beautiful way that can be treasured for years to come. Each member of our staff is skilled not only with their camera, but also in posing and coordination during events. Our team desires to interact with clients in a Christ-like manner that is uplifting and life-giving. Each one of them is also travel ready and eager for adventure. We would love to hear from you and determine how we can best fulfill your photography & videography needs.


BreeAnna White

Bree is the founder of Aspiring Eden Studios. She loves exploring the mountains, speaking Spanish and creating art in many forms. Everyone she meets is a new friend.


Claire Bailey

Claire is a sweet and skilled videographer who is super into health and fitness. She loves playing sports and thrifting for new clothes.


Jaci Harry

Jaci is an amazing photographer who has a heart for people. She is an ER nurse during the week and spends lots of her time exploring nature with her dog Arnold.


Drew is a brilliant photographer who has a major sweet tooth. He loves testing out any new tech devices and finding steals on fb marketplace.

Drew Shaffer

Midwest Based Traveling Team
Wedding and Elopement Photography
For the Adventurous and In Love

Kind Words


My experience was absolutely amazing!! Not only were the photographers efficient and productive, but they were beyond friendly and are people you feel like you’ve known for years! My wedding was amazing because of them! I knew all my special moments would be captured and my day become a million times less stressful when they were present. The photographers not only do their job well, but they also make sure to celebrate with you and make you feel like a queen ALL day long! 10/10 experience :)
                                                             -Miranda Long



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